Top 10 Most Popular Online FPS Games in 2023

Top 10 Most Popular Online FPS Games in 2023

By 2023, there will be an array of thrilling new FPS games available to all types of gamers. From a heist game set in a dystopia to an action-packed space shooter that takes players on an incredible journey to Mars, these titles allow gamers to explore some of video gaming’s most captivating worlds.

Trepang 2 – An Excellent Indie FPS

Are you searching for an indie title that delivers on its promise of kickasses in enclosed spaces? Look no further than Behaviour’s block-based shooter, Trepang 2. It requires teams to collaborate, while its impressive destruction engine leaves walls and floors covered with chunks of physics-based debris.

Payday 3 – Returning as one of the greatest co-op shooters ever created, Payday 3 allows you to play as either a terrorist or counterterrorist who must plan and carry out a criminal operation in order to rob a bank. Plus, with its variety of weapons and gadgets, each mission will be unique and entertaining!

Mercenary: Call of Duty Mobile – For fans of Call of Duty, Mercenary offers an enjoyable side-game on Android mobile gaming platforms. It provides a similar gameplay experience as its brother game with smooth motions and satisfying gunfire that will have you coming back for more.

Hyenas – This sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter invites gamers to explore Mars in the future while engaging in fast paced Zero-G combat and collecting iconic pop culture merch. With its vibrant design and retro-inspired feel, this title will appeal to fans of Ready Player One or other popular films.

Escape From Tarkov – Launched as a public beta in 2017, Escape From Tarkov is not without its shortcomings. However, its meticulous attention to detail and intense firefights will surely leave you with lasting impressions in 2023.

Starfield – Bethesda’s long-awaited sci-fi shooter is a must-play in 2023 and it promises to be an awe-inspiring experience with its breathtaking visuals and intricate world. Enjoy high quality visuals combined with immersive storytelling for an truly memorable journey!

Dead Island 2 – For action movie enthusiasts in 2023, Dead Island 2 is a must-play. Players who love action movies will want to relive the classic film era with its vast arsenal of weapons and tactical options as they battle off enemies to bring justice to Old Detroit.

No wonder why this game has become such a sensation among the gaming community – it offers an acrobatic take on the genre and an intriguing cast of characters to immerse you in an intriguing world full of intrigue.

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