Brothels in the UK and the Ipswich Murders

The UK has had brothels for centuries. They offer paid sex within a clean and safe environment. A majority of these establishments employ women who are trafficked. Brothels have also been the sites of murders, such as the one in Ipswich, which took place in the late 18th century. Prostitution in the UK affects both men as well as women.

Prostitution in private is not an offense

In the fight against prostitution, police may play a role. They collaborate with other agencies to find alternatives to prostitution and concentrate on prosecuting those responsible for prostitution. CPS also assists victims of prostitution with finding ways to end the trade. The nature of prostitution is often one of abuse of power and men tend to control most of the sellers and businesses of sex.

It is against the law in the UK to pay for prostitutes in private brothels. The Home Office announced that it will review current laws on prostitution. This includes making it illegal to pay a prostitute to be in brothel facilities, and increasing penalties for keeping brothels used for prostitution.

Safe, legal and paid for sex in an environment that is secure and clean

The UK has made prostitution illegal. The UK government has passed a law that bans prostitution. However the law does not do anything to stop brothel owners from recruiting women. A recent motion in the European Parliament calls on member states to adopt similar legislation.

The UK government is also considering legislation that would criminalize the purchase of sexual. A model based on the Nordic is being looked at and the European Parliament is promoting this by supporting radical feminists, religious organizations and politicians. This is a clear way to “crackdown” on prostitution. The UK seems to be following this trend, and it could be just across the horizon.

Ipswich serial murders

The serial murders in Ipswich have received plenty of media attention. The case has been more dramatic than the Peter Sutcliffe serial murders in which a man murdered 13 women and injures seven others in a West Yorkshire brothel. While media coverage could hinder the fairness of the trial because of the lack of transparency, the case has sparked debates about the laws that regulate prostitution. There were a variety of locations where the bodies were discovered.

All of the victims of the Wright murders were women. Annette Wright was the first victim. Her body was found in a cruciform spot in the woods close to Nacton. The body was discovered in December, and later , it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Legalisation of sexual work in the UK

Prostitution and sex work within brothels are both prohibited under UK legislation. The Dame Diana Johnson, the current Home Affairs Minister, recently introduced a bill to legalize both. The bill was defended through testimonies of people who have suffered from sexual trafficking. Although is a step in the right direction however, it perpetuates the negative stigma that sexwork can be dirty and that people are forced to do this kind of work.

The Policing and Crime Act 2009 was a major change to the laws that were previously in place to regulate prostitution. Prostitution in brothels remains illegal, however working as an prostitute or escort in order to make profit is not. In the UK it is also illegal to engage in street prostitution.

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